Thursday, July 23, 2009

HAED & news & a giveaway

a giveawayMy 17 year old son got his license today. But I was an ASS. We get to the road test site and we are 3rd in line so I get out my wallet to have my license ready to hand to the instructor. I panicked because my license is not in my wallet. My son has a potty mouth, says don't f*** with me mom, I need to take this test. So tears spring to my eyes because he failed his first road test and he really wants his license. i told him I wasn't kidding and I have no idea where my license is. So he calls my husband, get your butt here quick, mom doesn't have her license. Scott calls and says he is now 5 minutes away and the instructor walks up to the car and I tell him we have a small problem and explain. He says he will take the kid behind us in line and then take Dylan when Scott gets there. Scott gets there on time and I take off in his truck. They called me and said Dylan passed. Well I have a nice little sports car that I never owned when I was younger and Justin wasn't allowed to drive it without me for the first few months of his license. He bought a car so he had one. Dylan doesn't have one and wants to take mine, I had a really HARD time letting him take my car to work. But he was home a little after 7 and just left again at 10pm to go pick up a friend to spend the night. I needed to color my hair but now I need 2 boxes for the grey LOL. Anyways more on what I did today.

I listened to 2 more discs on Break No Bones by Kathy Reichs.
Tonight's Netflix movie was Without a Paddle which I had seen a little bit of before but not the whole thing. I enjoyed it very much.
I put in another 300 stitches on HAED Aurora's Garden I had to start putting in a grid. I had an air soluble marker for fabric but the mark would fade away before I finished the 10x10 square so this should be easier. I am done stitching this til next month.

I am on Facebook and am addicted to playing Fairyland, Farmville and Farm Town. Don't know how much time I will get to play after this weekend since I go back to work on Monday.

Jan is having a giveaway on her blog in celebration of her first grandchild. Go check it out.


Dawn said...

Glad that your husband came to rescue. Did you ever find your license? You can do it on the project. ~ Dawn ~

Karen said...

Glad things worked out! Love the colors of your HAED...very pretty.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Congrats that he got his lisence!!!!

Your HAED's colours are just lovely.

Carolyn NC said...

Aurora is just lovely. Yep - keep buying that color; we all know how our kids make us greyer LOL. Glad it all worked out with Dylan!

CindyMae said...

Well I am glad that all worked out and he passed his test!!! MY daughter is a couple years away from driving and it already makes me think crazy things! LOL Your HAED colors are fantastic!!