Thursday, July 09, 2009

Quilt Sampler almost done

I stitched on this quite a bit today. I should be able to finish it on Saturday :-)
I listened some more to The House by Danielle Steel and it is very good.
Tonight's movie was one that I had DVRd 2 years ago from the Hallmark channel. It was McBride:Dogged. I always enjoyed that series of movies, sorry that they don't have them on anymore.
I am working on my trade/sale list and have an update on my sale/trade blog . I also would love to trade for audiobooks preferably on CD.

The Idiot called me again today. Seems that the doctor's office is not moving fast enough for him on faxing my return to work papers.


Laura said...

Quilt sampler is really coming along. Looks really good.

DH is always complaining about all my DVR movies that I leave on there for years, but hey, I will watch them eventually. I have a McBride on there and a couple of those Mystery Woman ones with Kellie Martin.

Carolyn NC said...

Woohoo - almost there - it's beautiful!

Von said...

Sorry you're having trouble with the manager. Hope that issue clears up real soon. Your Quilt Sampler is looking lovely - that's gotta help your mood. :D