Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Quilt Sampler

I stitched some more on Quilt Sampler. I finished the last block and then stitched the little squares at the corners plus the PE.
I finished listening to Bungalow by Danielle Steel and I loved It!!
Started listening to The House by Danielle Steel, only up to chapter 3.
Tonight's Netflix movie was Knowing with Nicholas Cage. I gave this 5 stars. Kept me very interested from the beginning.

The Idiot(manager) called me today and He is so full of crap! Things have been straightened out for now. He probably won't even remember tomorrow and then it will start all over again. He seems to do that a lot at work. Thank god he works at the main lab so I don't ever see him.

Nothing else going on here. Just resting and walking and doing what i can.


Dawn said...

You're getting there!! Woohoo!! Come on, get it done! It's beautiful!!

Knowing ~ I'm watching that now but I fell asleep. LOL Will finish it up later on. So far good. ~ Dawn ~

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Definite progress, it looks great, should be dancing soon (but slowly for you). I will have to rent "Knowing" ASAP. Glad the idiot is off your back for now. CJ ok;-)

Barbeeque4 said...

QS is just gorgeous and coming along nicely!!

Carolyn NC said...

QS is looking fantastic - almost there!