Tuesday, February 16, 2010

HAED Fly Butterfly

Do any of you remember this piece? I started it February of last year and haven't stitched on it since July. It is in rotation this week and am enjoying it.

I watched General Hospital and got all of the extra 900 DMCs in the Jammers box. I am so glad as I had 2 bags of this floss and didn't think I would ever get them done. Now onto the 3000s.

Tuesdays is a movie with my boys. We watched Don't Mess with the Zohan. it has Adam Sandler, who I love. Justin didn't want to watch it and said it would be stupid. I got to pick the movie and told him to bad. Well it was funny stupid and we laughed a lot. We ended up liking it and Justin seemed glad to have watched it.

Then I watched Vampire Diaries from 2/4 and then Lost and The Forgotten.

Tomorrow night I am hoping to watch the Netflix movie that I have sitting here.


Siobhan said...

Nice progress! We love Adam Sandler. He appeals to our sophomoric sense of humor.

drea_dear said...

You all just need to stop with the HAED...until I get one of my own! LOL I adore the colors so far!!!

Terri said...

Looks great so far. Cannot wait to see more :)