Monday, February 08, 2010

HAED stitching

This week I will be stitching on HAED SK Mermaid of the Deep. I finished just about 3 more squares today. Out of my funk now , from earlier today. Just getting tired now.

My manager called and said she will be out again tomorrow. No problem, I hope her daughter feels better.

Tonight's TV:
General Hospital - 2/4/10

2 audiobooks came in the library today. They are only opened on Tuesdays, 10am-12:30pm so I will have to sweet talk Scott into picking them up tomorrow morning. otherwise I have to wait til Wednesday when I get out of work.

night all,


Jackie said...

I hope today is a better day! I'm glad to hear the funk was short lived!

Julie M said...

Glad you are recovered from your funk!

Terri said...

Looks great Shelleen. Hope the funk is over for you :)