Saturday, February 06, 2010

SK Mermaid of the Deep

Last night was the SAT with Let's Stitch blog and Stitching Sisters Yahoo group. So I stitched on HAED SK Mermaid of the Deep. I will also stitch on it all next week.

I ended up watching Ghost Whisperer, which I think is one of my favorite episodes now. Then Medium was on and that was good. I really wanted to stitch for 2 more hours last night but I was falling asleep.

Today I will be stitching on S is for Stitching from a Cross Country Stitching mag.
Our household is also getting our taxes done. Since both boys work we make it a family thing :-)


Blu said...

Nice progress on the Mermaid.
Grr. Taxes...

Carolyn NC said...

Nice progress!

Julie M said...

Good progress Shelleen! We did our taxes last week. I hate taxes.

Jackie said...

Nice start!

Ugh! I need to do our family taxes too. I keep forgetting about it so I should put it on the schedule for next weekend. Thank you for the reminder.