Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Wishy Washy Wednesdays

That is the first thing that popped into my head for a title tonight. No stitching last night and tonight I stitched on HAED Aurora's Garden. No, I did not finish it on time. Besides, the girlfriend broke up with DS#2 so I am not in a hurry to get this to her. I am not mad or upset that they broke up and he has met someone else (he hates being alone).
While stitching tonight I also listened to Damage Control by J.A. Jance. I am on disc 7 .

I will post a progress pic tomorrow night since Thursdays are my big TV watching night.

Night all,


Jackie said...

I'm glad your son is doing well with the break up. I have one son that it never seems to bother and another one that mopes around for a while.

Julie M said...

Glad the break up was traumatic. We're still dealing with Abby's break up on a daily basis. She's a Drama Queen!

Mel said...

Too bad about the break-up but glad it hasn't been epic.

Looking forward to more progress on Aurora.