Monday, February 08, 2010

In a blah mood

Got up and went to work. Had to be the manager today as my manager has a very sick child at home. Everything went ok at work. But something happened while I was trying to do a recheck. Computer issues and having to call our main office in Maryland made me run late. I was supposed to go to my Book Cross get together ( I hate calling them meetings). My car has been acting up and Dylan had class tonight and even though he was willing to swap vehicles with me I told him to never mind. So tomorrow my car goes back into the shop. We think it is the rotor. Like I said Dylan's class is much closer than where I had to go. But it was windy today and our road was getting icy and everyone knows that I HATE driving in snow and especially ice. So there was no way I would drive Dylan's car. I am in a funk because the last 30 minutes of work bummed me out and now no book get together. So I read everyone's blogs and didn't even feel like leaving any comments. What is wrong with me? I love leaving comments. Anyways I guess I have been on here long enough so I should go and stitch for 3 hours. if I feel like it I will post a progress pic.


Jackie said...

It's ok to be a bit blah every now and then. You've had a tough day, I hope it gets better soon!

Blu said...

Everyone had off days.
Hope tomorrow's better.