Sunday, February 28, 2010

Saturday SAT

I was starting to feel better and then would feel a little blah. Time to get out of the house and into the fresh air. Scott had to go to Walmart and I wanted to go to Michaels. So away we go. I got sinus meds and 2 photo boxes with index cards and indexed tabs so i can put my specialty threads in them. I hate having them haning off many of the loops. This will look neater. I get home and DUH, we forgot to go to Michaels. I need more DMC plastic bobbins to finish winding the DMC floss lol. Oh well, this week I can get the specialty threads organized and I did find another package of the plastic bobbins. Then I sat and stitched. I got most of the Pear Tree done and have just the border left. Will finish it today.

Then I pulled out S is For Stitcher and started adding the alphabet.
I did listen to some more of Fire & Ice by J.A. Jance. I also watched a few shows that Scott had one, mostly channel surfing.

Today I will finish the ornament and then stitch on LK Boo Club. Should get my February goals listed as well.


Carolyn NC said...

Great stitching!

Anonymous said...

Doncha HATE when you get home and realize you forgot to get what you went for? Happens to me ALL the time. Guess we should make a list, eh?

The pear tree is very cute.

Kay said...

I love your finishes! They are so cute!