Monday, February 22, 2010

A reading night

A few people were telling me that we have a wintry mix coming in today and would hit between 3pm-5pm. Well I hadn't heard anything. Around 2 it started snowing and by 2:45 my manager said "get going woman" lol. Ok away i went. The snow was coming down really hard but when I got out side of Batavia it was turning to mist. In Le Roy it was just mist and I stopped at the grocery store. You know how it is the day after grocery shopping and you remember a few things? So I leave there and now head to Pavilion library, an audiobook is in and I have some to return. It isn't doing anything there. I head on home. I get some things going for supper and now it is snowing again.

I decided to sit and read tonight since I started a book 2 weeks ago and it is the first one in a series. I can't get it on audiobook at the library and I owned the book. So I am reading Edge of Evil by J.A. Jance. I can not put this book down. It is a newer series of hers.

Scott gets up to get ready for work. Goes out and starts up his truck. He said it is raining out. He takes his shower and leaves. Dylan comes home a few minutes later and says it is snowing so hard he couldn't see and was driving 25 mph. That's not good. So I call Scott and he will let me know when he makes it to work. It was snowing really hard in Le Roy but by the time he got to where he works it wasn't doing anything there. Weird weather.

I did watch 24 tonight and it was really good. I read during the commercials. I have 50 more pages to go and I really want to finish it tonight so good night everyone and if you are getting bad weather be safe. Scott said if it is bad in the morning then he will take me to work. He is such a sweetheart :-)

Hoping to post about my dream I had Saturday night and then what happened at work today haha.

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Jackie said...

Our nice weather didn't last long and it's going to be freezing again this weekend. I guess spring is going to be slow in coming this year.