Sunday, February 21, 2010

Halloween Sunday

When I got up this morning I went through my crock pot cookbooks to make soup every day this week, well except for Tuesdays , which is for junk food and a movie night.
Justin and I decided to go to our favorite grocery store, Wegmans. Today's soup was Vegetable beef barley soup. Scott liked it and said next time add a little more beef bouillon. So I made a notation.
Then I sorted through and started laundry. Organized my SAL rotation for the year.
Sat down and watched TV and then pulled out a UFO Mill Hill Treats Collage. I even had a to frog a little of what I stitched last time. I don't know when I will work on this again since I wanted to finish it this month.

I only watched the end of the NASCAR race. Congrats to Jimmie Johnson for the win. I have 3 favorite drivers. Kasey Kahne, Jamie McMurray, and Carl Edwards. Not sure where they ended up finishing.
I also watched The Nanny Diaries movie and enjoyed that. I had read the book, when it first came out.
Extreme Home Makeovers was really good since I am a fan of KISS.
Next was Desperate Housewives.
While I was doing all that I was uploading audiobooks onto my computer and they are now in my ipod. Yes, I am OCD and a multitasker LOL.
The 3 Audiobooks are John Sandford: Dark of the Moon, Heat Lightning, and Rough Country. It is a new series by this author.


Mel said...

Great new start!
Halloween is the absolute best!!! :D

stitchinfiend said...

The new start looks great. Nothing like a new start.

Raggedy Ann said...

Hello Shelleen!
Stopping in to say hello. Love all the purple on your blog, purple is one of my favorite colors!
Your WIPS look wonderful too!
Hope you have a great day today my friend,
Louise in NC

Carolyn NC said...

Nice new start!

Michelle said...

Your halloween piece is looking good so far :) xx

Terri said...

Looking great so far. I cannot wait to see this one finished. I have Haunted House waiting for me after I finish Witchy Washy