Wednesday, February 17, 2010

wacky Wednesday

We have had some nasty weather today. it started snowing around 1:30 and since work was dead, and I did housecleaning there my manager told me I could go home at 2. Snow was coming down pretty good but not quite sticking to the roads. Once I got onto my road, in the country, that was a different story. The plows must have been out pushing the snowbanks off the shoulder of the roads towards the fields. So the snowbanks were the height of my car. With the winds blowing it made some rough driving and whiteout conditions. Once I was home I stayed put. I started some laundry and made lasagna. Caught up on the blogs that I read. The pulled out my stitching of HAED Fly Butterfly. As you can see I finished the one column I was working on. Then decided to start with the first symbol on the chart and do areas. Made a little progress.

I also wound 3000s floss on bobbins while watching General Hospital. Then tonight I started watching a Netflix movie called Blind Date, with Stanley Tucci. It was very boring so after 20 minutes I turned it off. I ended up watching DVRd shows of :
Supernatural - 2/4
Smallville - 2/5 , 2/12

The weatherbug is telling me that we are getting freezing drizzle overnight and have a winter weather advisory til 11 am tomorrow. Sounds like fun to me. NOT!


Kathy A. said...

Clipping right along on this one. You go girl!!!

FayeRaye said...

Hello my purply snowy stithy friend!!! Your progress on the butterfly is should be pleased!! As for all that bad weather...Lets all say it together "BRING ON SPRING!!~"

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good day to stay inside and safe from the elements.

Glad you got a free day to stitch. That's always fun.

Jackie said...

It's time for you to have some warmth and sunshine!