Wednesday, February 24, 2010

more Queen progress

Today did not start out well for Dylan. he had been complaining of his ear hurting. So I told him to take today off from school and make a doctor's appointment. he said he would wait a few more days. The ear started hurting last Saturday and it is now wednesday with a big snowstorm on the way. He ended up getting an appointment this afternoon. Meanwhile this morning, he was running an errand for his dad. The car in front of him slammed on their brakes and Dylan hit them. They took off. Dylan still called the cops. he doesn't have collision on his car and there was minor damage. No ticket as the other people took off and no witnesses. He also was not hurt. He did make it to his appointment and he has bacteria in his ear from humidity. Well DUH! he sleeps with a bedroom window open which is above his bed. he has a prescription for antibiotics.

I have been listening to Fire & Ice by J.A. Jance, very good. I also stitched a for a couple of hours and met my goal for the month on this piece.

We are in a winter storm watch til Friday night. 1-2 feet and blowing snow. Supposed to start early morning. Scott will be taking me to work so I don't have to drive in it on the way home. I made sure my ipod is charged so I can listen to audiobooks. I also charged the battery for my laptop so I can play games on it or watch a DVD, in case the power goes out.
We have plenty of food and water. I also have a gas stove and can use that to cook.


BeckySC said...

Shell, I am so glad Dylan is OK!!! I hope his ear gets better SOON :)
Your Winter Queen is looking just lovely :)
You stay safe in that winter weather my friend :)

Carolyn NC said...

Poor Dylan, hope things turn around for him and he feels better. Great stitching!

Lana said...

I hope Dylan is feeling better soon! Great progress! And I don't remember if I had written it yet or not, but I LOVE your blog layout! the butterflies are beautiful! I love those colors!! You be careful out there with all that crazy weather! Stay safe!

Jackie said...

I'm glad Dylan is ok and the accident was minor. It was very good advice to go ahead and get to the doctor.

You sound very prepared for the next few days of weather. Smart girl. I hope you don't lose electricity.

Linda K's Creativity Works said...

Good Progress area is getting snow, blowing snow, high winds so we are getting almost the same thing that you are getting.

Take care & Happy Stitching
Hugs from Cold Snowy Blowing Indiana
Linda K, Railroad