Tuesday, October 28, 2008

At last a finish

This is LK Autumn Boxer and it was a weekend Quick Stitch a thon but it was more than I thought for stitching and didn't finish it til tonight. I did this with Cross Stitch Forever Yahoo group and a seasonal piece with the Let's Stitch Blog and the Pals Delights Board.
I stitched as much as I could last night while watching General Hospital and True Blood, Then tonight I watched general Hospital, House, and 90210. I also watched a DVR show of 20/20 that had the interview with Steve Irwin's wife a few weeks after his death. My family was a big fan of his and I miss his show. I couldn't watch the interview right away as it would have been real painful then. But I watched it tonight and am glad that I waited.

Tomorrow I will stitching on Glory Bee's BYOB.

To whoever mentioned to me to take 2 Aleve twice a day and to up my Vitamin C, because of my elbow. Thank you. The ibuprofen wasn't touching it but I started taking the Aleves on saturday and today was my fist day without any pain at all.


Carolyn said...

Love your LK Boxer - perfect for this time of year! Glad you are getting some relief from pain.

Sharon said...

Shelleen, your finish is looks wonderful. I love it! Congrats. Glad to hear the elbow is better.

Shari said...

very pretty!!! I love autumn pieces & this one is adorable. I can't believe it is an LK I haven't seen!!!

Meari said...

Congrats on your finish, Shelleen!

Sadie said...

This is lovely, such beautiful colours.

Joanie said...

Your boxer looks great! I stitched this piece (and it looked deceptively quick too!) and made it into a cube.

Lovely work!