Sunday, October 26, 2008

LK Autumn Boxer

This is LK Autumn Boxer. I picked this for a couple of reasons. I needed to do a Quick Stitch weekend with Cross Stitch Forever Yahoo group , I used it as part of a SAT on Saturday with the Only One Ewe board and as a season piece with the Cross Stitch Pals Delights board and with the Let's Stitch blog . I had really hoped to finish it tonight but I still have a little more to do. I will finish it tomorrow night, I hope.

So while stitching this weekend I took breaks and Saturday I made homemade bread a beef vegetable soup. Today I made another loaf of homemade bread, since the family loves it and ate it all. I made a chicken and potato soup as well.

I did get in quite a bit of movies. On DVD I watched Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which was good.
Relative Chaos - Family channel movie
The Mermaid Chair - Lifetime movie
Her Sister's Keeper - Lifetime movie
The Patriot- movie channel

Tonight I watched Extreme Home Makeover and then Desperate Housewives.

Yesterday it rained all day and then around 3 this afternoon the winds picked up and it has been raining since. Plus thunderstorms in the distance. Supposed to be cold and rain mixed with snow for the next couple of days.


Dawn B. said...

Love this..anything with pumpkins and fall leaves.

Barb said...

Very nice. I love fall pieces!

Ruth said...

Oooo, chicken AND potato soup. I'll be right over.

Love the stitching!!! But we all missed you at the Beach. :(

Dani - tkdchick said...

that must be a nice little stitch!

Meari said...

Nice job on Boxer, Shelleen.

J Rae said...

So cute! Love the plaid on the acorn top!