Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A little stitching

I have had a problem with my elbow so I took 2 days off from stitching. But it hasn't been any better so I am picking up the needle again. I need to finish the ornament for the HOE.
I came home early today, from work, because of a migraine that was making me sick. It was sinuses and nothing that I took was helping. I got home and laid on the couch with my quilt over my head. Well the warmth under that quilt had helped so much. I still have a small headache but it is bearable. So I am drinking hot tea and putting my face over the cup for the steam and will stitch away. I wanted to go to Curves today but I don't think any of that moving around will be good on this head so I will go Saturday morning.
Last night I watched House and tonight is Private Practice. What are you all watching?

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Susancnw said...

Elbow pain - take 2 aleve 2 x day. I had a problem with my shoulder/elbow that kept me from doing much at all. By the end of the work day my hands were hand it was from the middle finger over and the other hand it was halfway up the middle finger and over...they send me to the dr. and shifted my keyboard try over 2"...and that did it. In the meantime, I had to take the aleve. The nerve that ran along my elbow (the one that is your funny bone nerve) was inflamed and that is what was hurting/numb.

Also, up your intake of Vit C to what your body will tolerate. It's an anti-inflammatory anyway, your body gets rid of what you don't great.

Okay, that is my two cents ;) And I hate migraines too.