Thursday, October 23, 2008

ok, who sent the frog?

I had the frog visit but some of it was my own fault. The green called for GAST Baby Spinach. Well I went through all my GAST and I did not have it so I went and pulled out the conversion chart as my chart said to use 305, which I don't have. Well I found a similar color and had most of the green stitched , when lo and behold. Now don't laugh at me, but I had bought the floss for this project and there it sat next to me, DUH!! So the frog was here and I replaced the green DMC with the GAST Baby Spinach. I felt real stupid.
While stitching I watched general Hospital, Smallville, Grey's Anatomy, and Supernatural. If anyone watches Supernatural and you didn't watch tonight's episode yet please watch through the end of the credits. The actor that plays Dean is hysterical in the very end.
My elbow had been giving me trouble today but as long as I have it resting on cushions while stitching, then it is fine to stitch with.
My sinuses are a little better as well and my headache is gone. I keep taking 4 ibuprofen and sudafed, per doctors orders every year. I also added an extra dose of Vitamin C a day.

Tomorrow night is Fantasy and SAT so I will be pulling out TW The Storyteller. Then saturday is have a SAT and a Quick Stitch weekend plus a season SAL so I am doing all of it with one piece called Lizzie Kate Autumn Boxer. Love how I can stitch with all of my groups and use one project to cover them all :-)

Thanks for reading and leaving comments, they mean alot :-)



Cathy said...

Even with the frogs you made good progress.

Carolyn said...

Ouch - gotta hate the frogging! But you still stitched a lot, so WTG.

Hazel said...

Looks great! Your TW looks wonderful too. xx

Sharon said...

I think this pattern is great and you are making lovely progress despite the dreaded frog!