Friday, October 03, 2008

Some finishes already

I am not posting pics until Sunday night. I got home early as it was dead at work. So I cleaned the house and then got 2 tables set up with sewing machine, ott lite, and glue gun. One table had everything all set up with how I wanted to finish things. Figuring out how I wanted to finish things took a while. I have 4 things done already. I have done a cube, 2 pin keeps and a small bulletin board for Lizzie Kate's Flip Its from a couple of years ago. All of the other projects that i will be finishing all have to be sewn so I have fabric to cut and pin. I have to kind of cover everything up though as I keep finding the one cat, Rascal, laying on top of everything.
I will post again tomorrow night on how tomorrow's finishing went.

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Valda said...

Good for you on finishing your projects. Can't wait to see your pictures!