Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Damage Control

Did that get your attention? The title is the audiobook that I am listening to by J.A.Jance. I had that playing while stitching on the ornament tonight. I managed to finish the house. I am hoping to finish this tomorrow.
Little House Needleworks
Home For the Holidays
2005 JCS ornament issue
28 ct lambswool, DMC

I didn't do much today. We didn't have much work today so I left at noon. Caught up on blog reading. Did some laundry.
I had a rotation planned and goals. But for some reason I have UFOs that are calling me and I REALLY want to finish them. So is it to late to change my goals that are listed for the year? I would love to finish I Shall Wear Purple by Sue Hillis, Mirabilia's Winter Queen and TCS Christmas Angel. I can't remember how much I have started on Ice Angel either. Hmmm I am in a quandry on what to do. I really want to finish my HAEDs as well. I know I will be stitching on a HAED on the first Friday to the 2nd Friday of the month. That still leaves the week of the 25th to stitch an ornament. So do I pull out one UFO in February and stitch on it the other weeks. Then in March pick another of the UFOs and maybe they will all be done this year? Each month could be a different UFO. Plus still leave my weekends as planned. Fridays are smalls, Saturday magazines or incentive piece with OOE, Sundays are Halloween. I love my weekend schedules.


Lainey said...

Wow Shelleen your needle is gonna be smoking... look forward to all your up-dates, good luck!

Donna said...

You are going to be a stitching fool! Whew! Wore me out just reading it all!

Mel said...

Very cute!

Julie M said...

I think you should do whatever is calling the loudest at the time you sit down to stitch!! You've got plenty to choose from!

Karen said...

It's never too late to change your mind! If they are calling, you should take advantage of it...can't wait to see pics.

Cute ornament.