Tuesday, January 26, 2010

progress and giveaway winner

We had some crappy weather this morning with snow and wind. A woman lost her house to a fire this morning. Paper said she and her husband bought the house 3 years ago and then he was diagnosed with cancer and died. Today the house was destroyed, while she was at work and she lost her 2 cats and dog. So sad and don't know why that bothered me today. She is 58. A student at an area school hung herself this morning. Ok today was a morbid day i guess. Sorry.
Anyways thank you to all who were concerned about me driving my car. Hubby took me to work this morning and my car went to the shop. My front brake pads were gone. geesh no wonder it worked funny yesterday. I appreciate all of your concerns for my well being.
Today was movie night with the boys. Dylan went to town and brought home G-Force. Cute cartoonish with Guinea Pigs. We enjoyed it.
While watching that I worked on the JCS ornament.
I got all the brown in the border done. Hoping to stitch and get most of it done tomorrow night.

Ok now onto the winner. I had a lot of comments and Justin drew the name. And this is funny since what she had posted as a comment. Winner is....... Julie M . send me an e mail with your addy so i can send the magazine out to you. Congrats on the win.

nighty night,


Kathy A. said...

Sorry that it has been a lousy day for you. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better. Glad you got that car into the shop before it caused more problems. congrats to the big winner

Jackie said...

The troubles of our fellow citizens can weigh heavy on us. I don't think it's a bad thing to feel for other people.

You're inspiring me to pull out one of my ornament kits and get started!

FayeRaye said...

Congrats to the winner!! Sorry you had a lousy day, but at least the brakes will get fixed...sad about the student and the ladys house fire....so sad....

Linda K's Creativity Works said...

What is the name of the Ornament that you are stitching?

Good Progress