Monday, January 18, 2010

a good day

My day started out with putting ingredients into the crockpot to make sausage gumbo.
Got to work and hardly anything to do so I got to leave at 1:30. I ended up doing some laundry and cleaning the living room. Then I worked out for 35 minutes with Wii Fit. That felt so good. We had problems with the remotes and I haven't touched it sine before my surgery, in June. I only gained 1.5 lbs since my surgery but I would like to know why then, are my jeans tight? It felt good to get back into a cleaning and work out schedule again. After reading emails and BBs, and of course playing on Fairyland :-), I then pulled out floss. That is right I still have bags to put onto bobbins. last year I was on a roll doing this and then stopped. Well I have made it my vow to do this again every day while watching General Hospital.

After I ate the yummy supper, I pulled out Aurora's Garden and listened to Dead Wrong by J. A. Jance. I got a few more squares done on it. I just don't think I will meet the deadline of the 27th. I am trying my best though.

So I am hoping to keep up with my daily routines tomorrow. Tomorrow's room to clean is.. the kitchen. Clean out the fridge and one cupboard.

See you then.


Mel said...

Aurora is looking good. Sounds like you had a productive day.

Shari said...

would you like to come & clean here too??? I need to do some deep cleaning & just don't feel like it!

Jackie said...

Everything I ever put into a crock pot tastes horrible. I reduce the cooking time, etc but it just over cooks. So now I use my crock pot as a dye pot! I wish I could master it.

Julie M said...

Sounds like a very productive day! I love unexpected time off!

Karen said...

Good luck on your routine and finishing Aurora's Garden by the 27th!

Von said...

Routines and schedules are so difficult to keep up with, at least for me! Something always seems to muck it up once I've gotten one established. Gotta just keep at it. :D
Aurora is coming right along!